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July 10, 2013



Agreed! It's fun to post from an iPhone on the spot. But I always love your photos you take with your Pentax as well. (Pentax ---correct?)
Also thank you so much for your heartfelt words in my blog.


hahaha! You are so funny - thanks :)

It makes me sad at restaurants to see families all on their phones instead of talking to each other. And it makes me mad when people constantly check and text on their phone while I'm at dinner with them!

Pamela Susan

Omigosh. I just read through this post and I can't believe all the typos I found. Holy cow. Remind me not to post when I'm in a rush. sheesh! Just fixed them, though it's now late at night and I'm sure there's still some there. whatever. lol

As for the restaurants/people checking their phones while with me, I totally agree. Doesn't make you feel very important, does it? I'm not one to have too many pet peeves, but that is definitely one of them. Put the freaking phone away! lol

Pamela Susan

Thank you, Mikari. And you're very welcome... I hope your heart finds joy in the special memories of your father. xo

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