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May 31, 2013


Jenn Davenport

Of course you know I'm a fan of all your jewelry BUT I am needing to order more of your custom stamped pendents since we have had a new baby join our family!! When your shop opens I'll need to order a few new ones to go with the ones we already have :)

Kristy B

I always love the drip drop necklace! The tiny stamped earing I love (the halloween ones were the best! BOO!)


I love all your stuff! I'm not sure if you've done these before, but I love the sweet little rag flowers on necklaces, headbands, bracelets, etc. But mostly I love you! See you tomorrow!

Heathere from MN

Miss you miss you miss you - but at least I can blog stalk you and see how life is going for you still! i would LOVE it if you started making cute keychains or anything with cute little owls or squirrels on them! I hope I win!!!!!!!!!

Heather Shirley

I think a cute silver cone with stones as your scoops would be super cute!! I would love to win!!


Hey Pamela!! As I have been looking through all your stuff you have sold in the past I must say I am a fan of everything. But the Glisten--Beryl Gem Earrings stuck out to me. Those were very pretty. I would be ecstatic if I won!!!


I love the custom stamped charms...I am so sad because right now I seem to have misplaced the one I ordered that has charms and gems for my daughters on it. Would love to see more!

Shelley P.

All so adorable, as usual:) Congrats on 500 posts! I love gold necklaces right now with tiny initials or stamped discs or charms. They just seem to go well with anything.

Angela Cruse

Awesome Job!! One of my all time favorites is Drip Drops!!! Everything you make is cute though!

Alyssa Rambo

I love the custom made name necklaces, speaking of which, I need one for my Maxwell to add on to the necklace you gave me! How much are they?


Custom hand stamped is my favorite. Of course all your designs are beautiful.


Congratulations on 500 posts! That is quite incredible!! :) I personally love, love, LOVE your lockets with the branch. Would love to order one sometime!


Congratulations on your 500th post. I absolutely adore your jewelry!
Melissa Rohbock

Monica RAwhouser

I have 2 favorites. I first fell in love with you when I saw those little cupcake charms and then the raincloud lariat with gem stones sealed me to you forever.


Congrats Pamela - 500 posts?! That's awesome. I love wearing my necklace with the light lavendar gem and little love stamped tag. Every time it reminds me of love and family and being blessed to have the life I do.

Looking back through your previous sales... the gems surrounded by two hammered sterling circles really jumped out at me. So simple and beautiful. I think they could be just as wonderful with a small bunch of little gems. Or maybe ovals instead of circles? You must have so much fun playing with these beautiful pieces!

Shawnel Padilla

Please make the lockets or faux lockets. They sell out fast but I think they're so lovely. Thank you.


Fabulous at 500! So happy for you and all of us!

I would like to see a hand-stamped locket with a delicate gold chain and an iridescent gem attached for each child. Just a thought. :) xoxo


Hi Pamela. Well, you know I love all your designs.. I'd love to see bracelets with gemstomes and matching earrings . Looking forward to the store opening. Miss your lovely creations!

Kristin In gladstone

I love a necklace you made a while ago it was a cupcake necklace, but I would also love to see the drop necklaces maybe with some bolder colors? If that's even possible? All of your items are amazing!

Janet Rohde

I love the Clementine earrings!

Lacey Vallier

I adore all of your jewelry, but would love to see some more beauty necklaces :)


I loved the Father's Day stamped keychain you did last year for Father's Day! My husband loves it too, he was really touched by it.

On another note, I love your crafty life and posts. You are a very inspiring woman. Rock on!

Bonnie Vannatta

I have a few pieces from you and I love them all, but I would like to see some larger locket styles pendants, as the ones I have a really too small to be able to place a photo in them.

Krista Schimmelbusch

Okay,I have to say I love the Clementine earrings you make! As far as something I'd like to see, I would love a photo charm bracelet with pictures of my little people's faces on each charm! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures, you are quite an inspiration!!

Anne Erpelding

I love anything I can personalize. I have 2 necklaces I got as gifts when my boys were born, and I wear them daily. I have also given several as gifts. They are well loved!

Linda McClain

Me, me, me! I my goodness gracious. It all looks so fun. Congratulations for 500 fabulous posts.

Andrea rake

Ring around the Rosie earrings. :) I love them!!


Pamela! How exciting (500 posts, new home, studio...) Congrats. I'm happy to hear that you'll be making jewelry again. It's tough to choose a favorite but, if I must, my heart was stolen by Ava's Nest. The other, of course, are your hand stamped pendants. They are perfect for everyone on any occasion. Much love!

Tammi Zimmer

How does one choose? I was with two friends this morning that I had you make personalized pendants for when they had their babies. One is pregnant with #3 and I NEED to make sure she gets an authentic Pamela Susan pendant for baby #3!! :) (By the way, they were both wearing their necklaces this morning!!!)

Korina Ivatt

The custom stamped pendants are my favourite though I'd love some earrings that go well with the pendant from you too as your pieces are just so original.
Congratulations on 500 posts.


So pretty!! I love short, dainty necklaces.


Welcome back and congratulations on 500 posts, all while being a mama and moving! I have many of your pieces already (You Are My Sunshine, A Wish for You, Give Thanks earrings, which I wear all year!). I would love to see more of the Labradorite Sterling Silver hammered earrings, a return of the Joy necklace, more Drip Drops. The rest I leave to your imagination, which is much more creative than mine. That's why YOU create, and I PURCHASE! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Tanya Telford

With my daughters unique names like Roka and Yarrow I will never find their names located in a cheesy hardware store. What does that mean NO small blue license plates, no shot glasses, no beaded necklace, no meanings of their names. What I LoVe is your handmade custom jewlery. Anyway you deliver it! Happy Blog girl!


I love your stuff, Pam! Now that I'm graduating college and moving into the grown up world (blech), I've found myself more drawn to the dainty, simple, yet beautiful necklaces that can be the shine to a more toned down outfit.

Alice lee

Congratulations!! I love your jewelry especially the hand stamped pendants. Can't wait to see what you create next!

Anna M

Love reading your blog and always looking forward to when your shop open. Would like to see the Amethyst Stalactite pendant again. All your creations are one of a kind. Keep inspiring us.

Sally Fountain

My daughter and granddaughter LOVED the felt and ribbon bracelet. I would love to the see the flower hair clip made also in a hair scrunchie or rubber band. I love the way it showed it as part of the wrapping of a present. So clever!

Carrie Phelps

I love your Forever & Ever necklace so I would love to see a necklace designed using this concept of the closed circle but with maybe 3-5 closed circles in a row attached to a silver chain. Perhaps permitting me to select just how many closed circles I would like on the necklace? I have three grandchildren so one for each would represent MY forever & ever.

Denise Rivas-Morgan

I love all if the things you have made. They add a little beauty to those who wear it:-) congratulations on reaching 500.

Janelle Holmes

Pamela, you're amazing! So much has happened in your life since 2008 and you've let us all join you along the way. Congratulations! You know how I love the custom stamped necklaces, and hope to buy many more, and I also love the necklace in your giveaway because I'm wearing more gold now. So, please keep creating with gold. All the best to you!

Hilary H.

I just adore all of your pieces!! I get a ton of compliments on my stamped charm bracelet with my five kidlets names! And, my children love when I wear it too!! Keep creating, it's all so lovely! I can't wait to buy some as gifts for our friends who have joined the parent club! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us!

Nancy Minor

Anything with a sunstone in it. The pendant you made for me years ago is still my favorite.

Brenda McDonnell

Hello there,
I recently bought the green is gorgeous necklace & I love it!! Also like anything you make, especially with a bird theme.

Thanks so much for all your beautiful designs and inspiration!
Brenda M.

Chris S.

I love the hand stamped items and the knots and gems line- so elegant!

Mrs S

The hand stamped Pendents are by far my favorite. There is something about the sweet simplicity.


I love everything you make. Everything. And that is not an exaggeration!!

Julie D

Thank you for 500 wonderful posts!! I would love to see those earrings with the little owls again...I lost one!! :(

Nanny C

I recently found your blog and love it! My granddaughters enjoy reading it as well. Congrats on your 500th post! The girls favorite are earrings and I love anything with flowers - especially pansies! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such great items!


Oh,oh,oh! A Pamela Susan Giveaway. Swaaeeeeeeat! Being a HUGE fan of all of your gorgeous pieces, I would love to see both the Add A Little Oomph-Turquoise and the Bud earrings. They are both simply perfect. I say hooray for June too. I spent the day picking sour cherries with my 90-year-old grandmother who has dementia. Of course we made yummy pies to share with the rest of the family. Who could ask for a better Sunday. Thanks again for sharing your creativity and inspiration with us in so many ways. Here's to many, many more posts.


I'm loving anything gold right now. But you've obviously already gotten that memo since the necklace you made is gold!

Heidi Wilcoxson

I love/want the custom stamped pendants. We got some for my mother in law of for all her grandkids but I feel like I really need one now with my boys names on them.


I love butterflies that flutter or are gently their that would be great

Laura Walhood

Pamela, I love everything you do, but especially the little gemstones and your lovely posts! I think you should write a book--it would be the ultimate in purdiness!!!


You do such beautiful work, I don't think I could narrow down to even a dozen the ones I like best. Keep up the awesome. Love yeah!

Melissa Rohbock

I would love to see more silver earrings.


Yay, Pam!! Congrats on your 500th post!! I love everything you make! It is SO difficult to think of anything to add to it! I've been searching for the perfect little floral earrings for Anna lately- everything seems too adult looking, too big, or too small in the stores. I will definitely be searching through your previous earrings and keep an eye out on future posts! Love and miss you so much!!


I love the drop and cloud lariat I gave my BFF, and today I wore the "JOY" stampe silver one. I do love silver, and the stamping is a wonderful addition.

Kandra Plott

Oh my! I knew you were talented, but wow you have such amazing talents and I love that I get to call you my cousin! I love you Pamela:)

Andrea Felton

I love love love your hand stamped name pendants! I just completed my chain with my little Alice and they are my fave...many people ask where they can get them. All of your things are beautiful, but really like the stamping.

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