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April 09, 2013


Katie Lofts

I've net her before. When I worked at Stafford Elementary years ago she came and did clay things with the kids that were put up on the school walls. She has a gift!


not so sure about that last photo there... looks like a disaster waiting to happen... just hope the power's off :)

 Becky Green

Been having this problem ALL DAY---my comments don't go through...:(
You're putting in a NEW LIGHT FIXTURE!!!!!! When you get a new home & put up your own light fixtures, it just makes your decor POP with YOUR STYLE!!!!! :)

Pamela Susan

haha--you guessed it! and you are so right--light fixtures make such a difference!

Pamela Susan

yes it was! lol

Pamela Susan

yes she does! :)

Kadra Pixton

Hi Pamela! Found your blog through a Pixton family email. Wow you are so creative and talented! Fun to see your blog. :)

Pamela Susan

Aww, thanks for stopping by! Glad to have you here. :)

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