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September 05, 2012


Becky Green

WHAT DO YOU MEAN???? "Not the best picture?" Miss J looks ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pony tails & Pink! PERFECT!!!!!!!! :)
It IS SO HARD to let them go into the world! Girls are easier in that they tell you things, where boys keep it all inside! So, it makes it a little easier to step in when things don't go right for them, if needed! One of ours is a Junior in College & our daughter, a Senior in High School. We Home School, so it makes things alot easier to manage WHAT they're taught! :)

Pamela Susan

Ha ha! The lighting is overexposed! You should see the other ones. :)

What kind of curriculum do you use? Homeschooling has been on my mind for the past year... but settling on a curriculum is so overwhelming. Plus, I'm concerned about what to do with the babe while working with the other two... I don't want to neglect her!

heathere from mpls

Your girls are so sweet Pamela.....LOVE your pics of them. Just want to add that we also home school, but have a very relaxed approach. We set objectives for the year and make sure we are doing activities throughout the year that meet those objectives. Just wanted to share that home schooling does not necessarily need to mean you are replicating 'school' at home with a set curriculum. Good luck with whatever you choose!

Pamela Susan

Heathere! Thanks for your input... I really appreciate it! How did you decide which objectives to meet? State requirements? I love what you said about not replicating 'school' at home... I have a couple homeschooling friends that have said the same thing, which I like. Because I'm not the MOST organized person in the world, I'm feeling like I need some curriculum to keep me on track and focused. Or maybe I'm just making it more difficult than it needs to be!! But the issue with Jane is definitely a real one... I don't want to create a situation where I'm constantly frustrated with not being able to focus on the girls' schooling/activities while making sure her needs are met as well... I feel like that wouldn't be fair to her or to the family as a whole. Thoughts?


I did research online on what 1st graders typically learn in that grade. I evaluated if that is what I want my boys learn, took out some things, and added in some things. But the way we teach those things is very unstructured. At first I was very uptight and thought I was not organized enough, focused enough, whatever enough and was really getting down on myself. I'd be sitting at the table with one child while the other two were being left out because the curriculum was not for their age group. Then I read more on the unschooling method and realized that I wanted to lean more that way and take more of a 'learning through life' approach versus a curriculum. This allows me to incorporate topics into the nautral flow of our life. This allows all 3 boys to be involved and all of them can get something out of what we are doing. It also allows me to flex into topics that interest the boys at the time. So if they are really into science for a month, then we focus on science for a month. No big deal..... As long as we are covering all of the objectives in the year, it doesn't matter if we have arts, math, science, reading, etc every day. Let's talk more via email if you want!

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