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September 06, 2012


Becky Green

WHAT A SWEET POST! I LOVE Miss A's treasures! She's a GOOD LITTLE ARTIST! :) LOVE her little Marshmallow's outfit! :) And the little picture too!
Parenting IS HARD! It's hard to strike a balance in parenting---you don't want their heads so filled with how WONDERFUL they are that they are FULL OF THEMSELVES EITHER! BUT, EVERY CHILD & person needs to know they are SPECIAL in their parents eyes & in their Heavenly Fathers eyes too! Alot of that Specialness comes across in the way we treat them, looking out for them, what we stand up for or against! They're ALWAYS WATCHING US!!!!!!!!!!! :) Yes, & occassionally, we fail! We have to be BIG ENOUGH to show them how to say, "I'm sorry" too! They learn that from us too! :)

Shelby C

I love this!!! I need to frame that poem! Earlier Ady asked my husband and I if we love ourselves! This fits perfectly with that poem!

Pamela Susan

So true! We definitely don't want to raise spoiled children who feel entitled to everything... there needs to be that balance for sure!

Pamela Susan

Wonderful! So happy you'll be using it! :)


Love that poem! Thanks for sharing!

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