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December 02, 2011


heathere w

This year we starting a tradition of having a little birthday party for Jesus on Christmas. We'll be planning it together, talking about why the day is important, how it is similar/different from our own birthdays, decorating our house throughout the month for the party, and of course, birthday cake.

Love you Pam!


We always open gifts on the 24th and spend the Christmas day eating a five course several hour brunch, the final course is all cheeses. I love it!

Shelby C

I always look forward to my Grandpa dressing up as Santa on Christmas eve and seeing how the kids act each year as they grow bigger!

Shelby C

I posted this on my facebook page!


I love hanging Christmas stockings, with my two sons. They're so excited! What a great give away! Good luck everyone!


I'm looking forward to decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot cocoa! That's my favorite!

And I posted the giveaway on my facebook page! That elf is so cute!


I am excited this Christmas my son is 1. Last year he was just about 3 months so didnt understand, but on his birthdya he lvoes the boxes and paper so I cant wait. And to top it off my sister had a baby this year, so as a first time aunt I cant wait to see our kids on Christmas Eve in matching pajammas :) which is what we did as kids :)


Shared on facebook (I already likes your page)


Making tamales with all my kids on xmas eve!:)


fb follwer tina wofford page

Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

We like to drive around and look at all the lights
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

posted this giveaway on my fb wall
brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com


Oh this is so fun (since we don't have safeway!) & I love , love the necklace!! We have lots of traditions. One of my favorite is leaving foil wrapped chocolates in a pair of Dutch wooden shoes that belonged to my great grandmother. I wore them around as a little girl and my daughter tried to wear them & her feet were too big. Her dad carved a little bit out of the backside of the shoes! The kids are grown, but I still fill the shoes. I have given each of my children a pair for their families. I wish I could post a picture of them here. Anyways thanks for the fun giveaway!! Luanne


My favorite tradition is when my daughter and her husband (and our grandpuppy) arrive at our house Christmas morning and they are here with our son and my husband and me. We have a nice, relaxing breakfast and then open gifts. I love it when we are all together.

Julie D.

I love the elf on the shelf and have been wanting one for a couple of years now but also have been unwilling to pay the price for one. Oh how I wish I had a Safeway nearby!!! My favorite Christmas tradition is going to cut down a tree with my husband and children, which we just did today. I also love baking cookies and making yummy candies to give as gifts.

Julie D.

I shared your giveaway on facebook!!! :)


I posted the giveaway on my facebook also!


I love "adopting" a child for Christmas. Picking a name at random off one of the gift drive trees and purchasing something to make someone else's Christmas brighter. My mom started this tradition with myself and my siblings and we have continued it.

I also shared your giveaway on facebook :)


We have a simple wooden manger that two very special men from our church made for us when our son was almost two. We have a picture book called Who is Coming to This House? and it's about the animals getting ready for Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. We still have the "Baby Jesus" that was in the manger on the first Christmas morning we had the manger. We read the book every Christmas and fluff the straw that fills the manger and of course place some small white twinkle lights somewhat buried in the hay. It's been ten years and our kids still love the manger. We remind ourselves that the reason we find joy in giving gifts to one another is because the greatest gift was given to us . . . Jesus!

Another tradition that kind of goes along with the one above is we have a Christmas book basket and each year we get one maybe two new Christmas books for our kids to add to the basket. We make sure to place the date and maybe a note on the inside of the book. We enjoy reading Christmas books before bed throughout December.

Alyssa Rambo

My favorite tradition is when we decorate cookies with my family! We usually all end up decorating each other's faces with the frosting!

Becky Green

Oh goodness! I missed your last post & I don't know how that happened!!!!!!! SWEET little elf & new tradition!!!!!! I'm SURE your girls are finding excitement in this season!!!!! You seem to have a WONDERFUL way with your children! Our FAVORITE tradition has to be decorating the tree!!!!!!! We put on Christmas music & go at it!!!! The kids also have trees in their rooms & as soon as they feel they've done their part in decorating the "big" tree, they run off & decorate their personal tree in their rooms! (Sometimes, they beat me to the decorating & get theirs done before I even have the "big" one up! )We like spreading Christmas ALL OVER THE HOUSE!!!!!!! :)


Your girls are so lucky to have you for a mommy!

Heidi Wilcoxson

I love Christmas traditions! My favorite is picking names off of an angel tree and then going to dinner and then taking a family shopping trip to buy those goodies.

Heidi Wilcoxson

I liked you on Facebook!

J from Paradise

I look forward to just spending the holiday with my family. It's the greatest.

Jill Ann

I tried to do this before, but am unsure if it worked. I love all of our traditions, decorating, putting up lights outside, getting tree, decorating tree. However this year we are starting a new one. We are giving something away every day for the month of December. Whether it is gifts, food or clothes to homeless. I am enjoying it so far. I want to give my girls a giving spirit.

Carrie Phelps

I'm most looking forward to dressing up as Santa & having my grandchildren "catch me" leaving presents under their Christmas tree.

Carrie Phelps

I am already a FB fan; Carrie Phelps

Kymberlie R. McGuire

For the past six years, I've been going to one of my best friends house for Christmas Eve. We have fondue, chicken and dumplings, and then watch Scrooged and do a gift exchange. We usually work on a puzzle too. It's my favorite Christmas time tradition. :-)


I love having a special fhe night where we talk about what we want to give Christ for Christmas, write it down, and revisit it again the following year.


And facebook: CHECK! (P.S. Did you get my e-mail about the pendants?) Merry Christmas, Pam!

Heather C

I'm excited for our Christmas Eve Pizza party. It's alway a ton of fun and it's nice to relax and do nothing for the night!

Heather C

Posted on FB!


Pamela...I love Winky. My favorite holiday tradition is heading to my hood to go sledding.

Julie V

Hmm, I don't know if I can pick a favorite, but we are excited to go to Journey to Bethlehem again this year. One of our unique traditions that I love is that as a little family we have a sleepover around the Christmas tree on the night before Christmas Eve. :) I know the kids are really looking forward to that one!

I think I need to head to Safeway asap just in case I don't win this little guy. He is soooo cute!


My son is just about to turn 2 so we are just teaching him about Christmas. So far I love reading him the The night before Christmas. He asks to read it every night!


This is our first Christmas as a family of 3 and I am looking forward to starting some traditions with the baby! Decorating the tree together and waking up on Christmas morning are at the top of my list this year. :)


I am looking forward to making sugar cookies with lots of sprinkles with my lovely daughters!!

Angela Christensen Baker

We started an elf on the shelf type of thing too, except his stuffed goat (goatee) was summoned to the North Pole and given an magical bell so keep on eye on the 6 yr old, who unfortunately has been moved to the naughty list. I hope he gets back on the nice list, after finding goatee with his message from Santa today, he has been super nice!

Thank you for the giveaway, I have been drooling over your jewelry and the elf will be a perfect "watcher" of the 2 year old!

Jacy Whalen

My fav tradition is going and picking our Xmas tree out with the family. I love the smell of the tree in our house. I also like buying the jack frost candle at Yankee and burning that smell through the month of December.

Angela Christensen Baker

I am posting your giveaway on FB now :)


Just really looking forwad to the month of all things traditions rolled into one! Several ascents counting down to Christmas. A story a day, baking treats for friends and neighbors. Busy busy. Then on Christmas morning we hide the baby Jesus and the kids Find him before we gather to open gifts. This way they start the day with Him in their hearts.

Erica W

Love this little elf, and of course the necklace too! You are so talented!! My favorite tradition is picking out and decorating our real Christmas tree! :). Thanks for the chance to win!


I am just looking forward to getting to spend time with family!

Jenn Davenport

We love spending time on Christmas eve with our family, having sweets, sipping cider and just being together. That is my favorite tradition and I love sharing that with my kiddos!!

Sophia T.

I love seeing my Dearieo's face when I buy him eggnog. Buy eggnog is a little tradition that brings us joy. :)


We always have spaghetti and meatballs for Christmas Eve dinner. The meatballs are the size of tennis balls. It's fun. It's yummy. Nothing spreads Christmas cheer like giant meatballs!! :)

Sarah (Ely) O'Brien

Last night we enjoyed one of my favorite holiday traditions... Jeff & I went to the Singing Christmas Tree in Portland with Mom & Dad. It is such a wonderful way to kick off the Christmas season. So full of cheer, hope, love, and happiness. I wish you and your family all of that and more this Christmas.


My favorite Xmas tradition is making a ginger bread house. This year I'll do it with my nephew - hopefully he loves it as much as my niece did last year.

Tracy Owens

My favorite tradition is taking pics in our pjs Christmas morning. Then there is my MIL's awesome brunch!


I love everytime we go to the mountain for a Christmas tree hunt! Do you remember the year we went together? Great memories!

Amber McDonald

I guess this is the year for new traditions because I can't think of anything off the top of my head :)

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