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November 16, 2011



Awesome! We'll have to go to this little shop when I come for Christmas!!

Megan Cline

I confess when I saw your title, I thought maybe you were expecting which would be great too. That's so wonderful about the store. I still want to order a wish necklace from you someday when my finances stabilize a bit. Don't give up on me. :) Congratulations again on the new venture.

Pamela Susan

Absolutely!!! You'll love it. :)

Pamela Susan

ha ha! Funny. :) And thanks so much for your support... I'm very excited about my little "space" there. :)


I was just there today! I'm excited for you and will definitely check out your stuff. I love that white lamp with the floral shade. I don't have anywhere to put it or I would have snagged it!


I think I might be more excited than you are! I'm so glad that now people can see your super fabulous creations in person. Thanks for always being the best cheerleader!

Amber Dusick

Congratulations! That shop looks beautiful, perfect for your work.

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