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March 14, 2011



I love this necklace!! I actually don't own a pair of rain boots, I can't wait to find some cute ones though!!


like on fb!!


I do not own any rainboots, but maybe I should invest. They are designing some really cute ones now a days!


Facebook fan already, and I shared your giveaway on my wall. =)

Laura B.

I finally got my first pair of Wellies - lime green - and I love them!

The necklace and notepad are both ADORABLE!


i LOVE LOVE THIS necklace!! it is soo cute!! I do own a pair of poka dot rain boots...but my husband thinks they are silly but i still wear them :)


I also like you on facebook!

Carolyn K

I don't own a pair which is really silly. We seem to get a lot of rain. I've my eyes on a pair of Hunter boots...if only they weren't so expensive :)

thanks for the giveaway!


I do not own any rainboots, but if I could find some sassy ones I would buy some! I love your jewelry and my birthday is tomorrow, so I would love to have this necklace!


I unfortunately do not own a pair of rainboots...but if I ever move back to the Pacific NW (or a similarly rainy place!), I plan to!

Andrea rake

I do own rain boots and love them!!!


I own a pair of rain boots that haver cherries all over them! Its the only reason I like rain; So I can wear my cute boots! I am already a fan but will share this on my wall. I also love the necklace and appreciate that you are thinking of a fundraiser to do to help our friends in Japan.

Andrea rake

I shared this on fb as I am already a fan of the business page. I am a marchbaby so I would love to win this birthstone!


such a cute necklace, I don't own rainboots yet but I am waiting for some to go on clearance soon!

Stephanie Brady

Don't own a pair but really need some. Such a cute necklace!!


I love all your jewelry! I too am waiting until they go on sale!


I don't own any rainboots. I live in the desert. We get snow in the winter, so I have a few pair of snow boots, does that count! I'm sure I'll be dreaming of this necklace tonight, I love it!


No rainboots, but days like this I think I need to invest in some! Love the necklace!

Siobhan R

Oh, I really hope you add some of them to the store next month! I've loved this design since I first saw it, and now that I finally have a semi-steady paycheck I might actually be able to afford it.

And yes, I finally own a pair of rainboots. Kinda necessary living in Glasgow.

Jill Ann

I own some very fun polka dot rainboots! Love them for the muddy trips with the girls. Also love to wear them at the beach here. the necklace is gorgeous!


That is a gorgeous necklace! I would love to win it.

Dena Rauch

I absolutely own a pair of rain boot. Of course since I live in a high dessert we use them for mucking about in the irrigation ditches.


Liked your facebook page and have marked my calendar to check your etsy shop when it opens in April!

Emily B.

Do not own rain boots even though I've lived in the NW all my life. Would like to buy some. This necklace is so adorable...and since it's my birthday month and my daughter's (she turns 1 on St. Patrick's day), I think that luck is on my side for this giveaway. :) Thanks, Pam!

Kimberley Hall

Beautiful necklace Pamela!! I have to give this giveaway a try since Anna and I both have March B-day's. :) I had rain boots at one time, but I can't remember what happened to them! I'll have to replace them this year (I love the polka-dotted ones!).

Becky Green

No, I don't own a pair of rain boots!:/ Need some though!!! :)

I HAVE TO SAY, What an INCREDIBLY CREATIVE piece of jewelry you've made!!!! This necklace is SO ARTISTIC!!! :)


I own a pair of rain boots with a Hounds-tooth check - they are essential!

Alyssa Rambo

That necklace is so creative and adorable! You are amazing! I don't know how you do it!
Unfortunately, I do not own a pair of rainboots. . . so far, they have been out of my price range! They have some really cute ones though!


I have a really fun pair that I bought a few years ago. They are blue back ground with daisies on them


Yes, I own rain boots and wear them all the time!


I have 2 pairs of rainboots, one that I can wear in the rain and one I can't b/c there's a whole, not very good for the rain lol I love my black and white polka dot pair
Gchord88 at aol dot com


I like you on facebook (Gina R)
Gchord88 at aol dot com

Heathere Willoughby

These feet own no rain boots. :( But hopefully this neck will soon own a drip drop necklace from my favorite lady. :)


I dont own rain boots.

This necklace is ADORABLE!!

itsjustme62613 at gmail.com


I like you on facebook from Misty Sunrise

itsjustme62613 at gmail.com


Love this necklace...and my rainboots :)


And like you in fb too!


Darling necklace!!! My kids have a zillion rainboots, but I'm just a flip flop kind of gal ;)

Erica W

Oh my....how I LOVE this necklace!! It screams Spring to me! :) I own 2 pairs of rain boots. 1 pair for mucking around in horse corrals and 1 fun, yellow polka dot pair! Thanks for a chance to win! You are so generous!!


This is a beautiful necklace. I do not own a pair of rain boot, but I really should get some. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

Alexandra DiGiorgio

That necklace is so gorgeous! I do not own a pair of rainboots, but I do have a pair of snow boots that can double as rainboots. I really need to get a cute pair of rainboots though!

Thank you for this incredible giveaway!

Alexandra DiGiorgio

I "like" you on Facebook under Alexandra DiGiorgio!

Thank you again!!

The Florist

One of these times I'm going to be the lucky winner! Love ya!


no, i don't own rainboots.

Mary Elderton

Being from Houston, I DO own rain boots! But I had to get some snow boots when I moved to Denver.

Karen Gonyea

Nope, I don't own any... probably should though !!

ktgonyea at gmail.com


No, I don't have any.

Kelly D

I don't own any rain boots, the season is too short in the north east... I own snow boots though :D

Kelly D

Posted giveaway on my FB page

Susan O

Hi Pam! Love this necklace and I do have a March B-day! Yes, I have pink rainboots, perfect for wearing in the garden when it's wet and muddy.


I own a pair of cute plaid rubber boots but they are more for yard work and less for fashion! So I don't own a pair of "rain boots." I clearly need to get on that! :)


I don't own any rainboots, but I need some!
Thanks, Karen
lemontart5kb at gmail dot com


I like your Facebook page (Kathie Perez)


My first comment disappeared!

I don't own any rain boots, but I'm contemplating it.


I do not have a pair of rain boots but my daughter sure does I need to get some to..Love this necklace it is my little girls birthstone would love to win it for her bday next week:)


I already liked you and I am posting to my wall now:)


I do own rainboots.,


Facebook like u and your jewelery is fabulous!


This necklace is both so creative and so gorgeous. No, unfortunately I don't own any rain boots. Sure could use them though!


I've liked you on Facebook (Jenine Herrell). Here's a link to my profile. I also shared your giveaway on FB.

snarkyville at gmail dot com


I liked you on Facebook! (erin d)

clenna in NH

I love the necklace. I have a son and a grandson born in March.

And no, I don't own any rain boots.

clenna at aol dot com

clenna in NH

I "Like" your Facebook Business page.

clenna at aol dot com


I love my rain boots! They're perfect for rainy and muddy walks with my dog!


I definitely own rainboots - and I still love to stomp in puddles when I'm wearing them!


I like your Facebook page - my FB name is Amanda Moore, and I shared it on my wall too: http://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=170377493014160&id=804795642


I also just "shared" your post on my FB wall. I just love everything you do....you're so inspiring!


I do, actually! Just got myself a pair last year that has been very, very useful throughout these crazy winter storms.

Stephanie Hirsch

I don't own a pair of rain boots yet, but I really do need to get some!! =) Thanks for the chance.
steph4575 at msn dot com

Rebecca T.

I own a pair of grey rain boots that have a bright red bird on them...they are from target online!
I love this giveaway! Please pick me!

Tamanisha John

I own one pair of rain boots and have had them for 2 years!

Tamanisha John

I also like Pamela Susan Jewelry on Facebook


I don't own rainboots, but I should probably invest- I'm moving to Portland soon, and I'm gonna need 'em!

marija.majerle at gmail dot com

Sydney McGrath

I desperately wished that I have rain boots. But I don't. :-(
I also "liked" your facebook page.

Diana Dang

Haha, I finally do too. After my regular boots failed to be waterproof, I got a pair for a decent price.

Diana Dang

Liked your facebook under diana dang


beautiful necklace! I don't own any rainboots, but I wish I did :)


I don't own rain boots, but I've been wanting to own one :)


I like your Facebook page under my Etsy page (Annie Dee's Designs).


I do not own a pair of rain boots!


Rita posted this on her FB page!


I adore Aquamarine, it's my birthstone. I do not own any rain boots, never thought of buying one actually. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, the necklace is what I wish for my birthday!

Karen Davis

ahhh can I enter this... even though it's my notebook? I LOVEEEEEEE that necklace! it's sooo inventive, and would perfect for "monsoon" season here in Korea, which will be coming up soon in the next few months!

I do have some wellies... they are polkadot of course :) And I live in them during monsoon season!

Anne Taylor

My husband and I were just talking about rain/rubber boots this evening as we were talking about the people in Japan. We do not own a pair yet but will certainly be purchasing some withing the next few days. We, here, are over due for our "big one" earthquake and rubber boots are probably a must have.


nancyrobster at gmail dot com

Anne Taylor

I like you on fb and I've posted this giveaway on my fb page
Anne Taylor or annectaylor1


nancyrobster at gmail dot com

Janie Tedder

I do have rain boots. Aquamarine is my birthstone, and I
would like to win this pretty necklace.

Sarah green

I do not have any. But I would like some!!


Oh i love that necklace..i love the rain but i don't own a pair of rainboots.

Libbi H.

I do not own a pair yet, but I hope to buy some soon :)


Gorgeous necklace!
I don't own a pair of rain boots ...


I liked you FB page

Mary B.

I own a pair of plaid rain boots that have cozy fleece liners. And, yes, I waited until they were on sale. The liners, too. Perfect for rainy soccer days and any day at the beach. Leave it up to you to create a beautiful necklace to make even "rainy" days not so dreary. It seems as though the cloud in the necklace has a silver lining! :) How amazing that you are planning something for Japan. How quickly things change. We are so blessed.

Justin D

No rain boots here. I wear rain soaked running shoes.


I don't own any but winter is coming slowly and I need to invest in some <3


No, but I tell myself time and again that I need a pair *sigh*.

BTW the necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!!

P.S.: Hope this giveaway is international? If so, please count me in!


don't have a rain boots, but i am really thinking about getting one


No, I don't have a pair of rain boots.


I'm a Facebook fan - Aik Chien

gustosa giveaways

i don't have a rainy boots.

gustosa giveaways

gustosa giveaways fb follower
fb shared

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