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November 14, 2010



Pumpkin! Hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thanks for such great giveaways, good luck everybody!

Shelby Callahan

Ooooh I love Carrot Cake! You should get that!

Shelby Callahan

I posted this giveaway on Facebook!


It has to be german chocolate!


I posted the giveaway on my facebook wall.


I made some cookies for the construction workers at our school.


Happy early birthday!

The Florist

Happy Early Birthday, dear Pamela! You are adorable. Acorns and all!

Karen Davis

I'd request any type of cheesecake... maybe some fruit topping on top!! That's what I would request!! Have the happiest birthday EVER!


That's a hard decision...I love carrot cake. For my son's birthday I made him a whole wheat carrot cake. It was delicious. I also really like cheesecake. The Cheesecake Factory has a delicious Apple Carmel Streusel Cheesecake. So I would say one of those two would be a great birthday treat!! Happy Birthday!!

Heathere W

How about a homemade ice cream cake with peppermint ice cream (with real crushed peppermints) and homemade chocolate cookie chunks mixed in? Miss you....


I think an Italian Cream Cake would be great! Happy Birthday to you!


I would go for carrot cake. My absolute favorite.

Mary B.

I smile every time I read something new from you! You deserve to have a super-de-duper birthday! It would be just like you to make your special day special for others, too! I must say that with some of the crazy health things going on in my life, all I have to do for a little pick me up is see what new and creative venture you've found yourself upon (like the acorn bags). Thank you for sharing your fun family memories with others. Do you share your soap recipes?

Definitely carrot cake! For my somewhat recently turned 40 surprise day, a special friend made a labor of love carrot cake. I have never tasted a carrot cake like it. I just love Fall and it makes me think of carrot cake!

So happy to hear you will be opening your store. . . I've been checking.

Have a beautiful birthday!

Julie B

I think a spice cake with a vanilla almond buttercream frosting. What a nice giveaway for your three plus one bday.


happy birthday!!! You should have a flourless chocolate cake, my favorite! Have a great one! And yes, I did share this link too.

Tammy Ault

My favorite cake is homeade cheesecake with fresh raspberries! We will be driving to Disneyland on Friday so Happy happy birthday! Hope you have a fabulous day!

Tammy Ault

Link on my fb page is done and now for number 3. I love doing things for people and what a great excuse to do something extra!


Ginger pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust
Chocolate zucchini cake


Mmm Cake! Since it's November, how about Pumpkin? Or maybe just go with something fun like Cookies and Cream? :)


I had a peanut butter cake the other day that was yummy. With chocolate frosting, it would be like a peanut butter cup!

Joanne Schultz

I think that a vanilla or lemon flavored cake with whipped cream and raspberry or strawberry filling!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Joanne Schultz

I like your facebook fan page -Joanne Schultz. http://www.facebook.com/js2222


We are fans of marble cake at our house. Happy Birthday Girl.


I like your facebook page!

Tammy Ault

Okay I decided to askmy 4 yr old what we could do for someone that would be nice, after much thought he replied. Mama, I know what you could do! He then told me it would be really nice if I made some ants on a log with him. A fabulous idea if you ask me so that is what I did. I made ants on a log with my son! Great day! Thanks Pam!


Red velvet with a whipped cream frosting. Happy birthday!! Mine is the 28th of this month. You could always go with pumpkin pie.


I liked you on facebook and I shared your site on mine!!!

Rebecca Graham

A strawberry cake would be good.


Go for carrot cake! And happy birthday, and congratulations on being born in November, the best month to be born it. :)


I meant the best month to be born *in*. For my random act of kindness I will bake a loaf of bread for my neighbor.

Jill Ann

I always love angel food cake with shipped cream and strawberries!!! YUMMY! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE these prizes.

Jill Ann

ooops! I meant whipped cream not shipped cream :) I am a facebook fan and have your link on my blog.


Personally I like german chocolate.

patrick m

Yellow cake with a strawberry filling.


I just had some pineapple upside-down cake and it was very festive and fun!

Hope your "acorn prizes" will unite with me, I love acorns, pumpkins and pineapples... see my email address, haha!



strawberry cake!!!


I am a fan on facebook:)


I took over a route for my friend who had knee surgery.

Colleen T

Red Velvet! I had it for the first time this weekend...now I'm hooked :)


You should request Black Forest cake!


I like you on Facebook - my FB name is Amanda Moore


I baked cookies for my dormmates last night!


I love chocolate cake and icecream, or black forest, but I've always wondered what red velvet cake was like, so I'd suggest that.


Hope you have a great birthday and a pineapple upside down cake would be yummy


I like your facebook page (Tanya Riley)

Lora Lee

Happy Birthday, dear one!

My choice of cake would be homemade coconut cake.... yumm. I have the best recipe. I covet your acorn bookmarks, especially. Everything you make is so lovely.

Lora Lee

I like your facebook page!

Lora Lee

I'm having a luncheon for all our church office volunteers on Saturday to say "thank you" for all they do for us!

susie lee wiener

Definitely chocolate layer cake. Congratulations!


susie lee wiener

like you on fb as susan wiener


susie lee wiener

I gave half of my stickers that I won as a prize to my friend who enjoys scrapbooking. She was very happy with them.



Absolutely love that acorn holder your mom made! It's easy to see where you got your style! Happy Birthday dear Pamela. I would choose red velvet, but I think you should choose whatever your little heart desires ♥


White chocolate cake with raspberries and almonds :)

Ashley Allen

Anything chocolate :) Congrats!

Ashley Allen

I've been praying for a family friend to get better.


Happy Birthday! And I don't think it's every wrong to have chocolate cake!
Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful acorns!


dark chocolate fudge tort or old fashioned lemon cake with lemon icing


Carrot Cake!!! And acorns are great....we also love collecting them and chestnuts too. Happy Early Birthday!
(Sadie's Mom & Claire's Aunt - from ballet class)

Tara A

Happy Birthday and yay for a giveaway! I love acorns too :)
I would choose chocolate/ hazelnut...mmmmm.


That bag has got to be about the most clever-est things I have ever beheld!!! Did you think of that all on your own? SO GREAT! I don't suppose I'll win two in a row but I think you should choose pie instead of cake... that's what I always do! Happy happy Birthday!!!


cheesecake for sure! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love the acorn bags (and the cute little models too:)

Kerry Kendrick

something decadent, like flourless chocolate cake!
I love your acorn theme and the references to your Mom. I thought my Mom was cool too, owls remind me of her, I miss her alot.
You have a lovely spirit, celebrate your big day in a big way!

Becky Mumford

Pam I think you should have a Texas Fudge Cake for your birthday it goes so well with french vanilla ice cream...yum...yum! I shared your link on my facebook page and it would make me very happy to make you a Texas Fudge Cake for you and bring it to you this week perhaps on your 31st birthday, also thanks again for the pictures you did of Ella everyone loves them and are raving about your mad photography skills!

Pu Ye

german chocolate!

Pu Ye

I like your facebook fan page


I think you should request either a Red Velvet cake (A Southern Favorite) or maybe Carrot cake w/cream cheese icing -- yummmmm --- either one would mark the celebration well!!! ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com))


I "LIKE" you on Facebook, and 'shared' on your wall. You are so multi-talented - I just love your jewelry, and those little Acorn bookmarks are too cute! (HollyCunningham)

wende moore

love the acorn bags, love it all. i love them because i think of that little poem, "from tiny acorns, tall oaks be" and so they always have reminded me of babies. :)

but lemon cake. yes lemon all the way. and especially if it was made by me. i think i make the best lemon cake and especially lemon buttercream frosting, on the planet. slightly egotistical i guess, but it has to be true. :)

thanks for the chance for this beautiful give away!

mrs b

You know, you just can't go wrong with chocolate cake :)
mbaldrees at yahoo dot com

mrs b

I like you on Facebook
mbaldrees at yahoo dot com

mrs b

I gave a gift certificate away that I received... The person that got it was very excited...
mbaldrees at yahoo dot com

Judith (from Israel)

Happy birthday! Try a chocolate zucchini cake. Chocolate zucchini cakes are really moist.


This time of year, one of my most favorite desserts ever is apple cake with caramel glaze and fresh whipped cream on the side.


I am now a fan on FaceBook.


It all sounds good

joni taylor

I think you should ask for vanilla cake with strawberry filling
joni(dot)taylor3710 at gmail dot com

joni taylor

I like you on facebook
joni taylor
joni(dot)taylor3710 at gmail dot com

joni taylor

I have done something nice this week. My sister is married to a man in the military who will be deploying in January. She was stressing about my niece's birthday which is right after her daddy deploys for the 4th time. I got my family to agree to get together and do the birthday before he deploys so he won't miss it. She cried when I told her.
joni(dot)taylor3710 at gmail dot com


Strawberry Cheescake, all the way!


chocolate! or german


Seven Up cake is the best. saltpepper1_2000@yahoo.com

Mia J.

Chocolate cake is always a good choice. You can always change up the frosting. Perhaps mocha or vanilla cream. Whatever kind of cake you have, have a happy birthday.


I think you should have a chocolate cake.


How about marble?


You should always request chocolate - a torte might be nice.


Well, I am not a big cake fan ( I like pies) better, but I made a cake this past weekend called Chuncky Apple Cake and it was delicious. The recipe is on my blog. Thanks for this great giveaway!


Strawberry cake and strawberry icing are my favorite! Thanks, Karen
lemontart5kb at gmail dot com


The last birthday in our house meant an Elvis cake from a local vegan cake shop. Subtle banana flavors with pb icing. It sounded odd, but it was what our daughter wanted, and it was DELICIOUS! Here is the link to their menu -- there are some tasty cake ideas on there!

ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com


carrot cake

Alexa Nernberg

I recommend a confetti Angel Food Cake or Lemon Poppyseed Cake with Lemon Dreamwhip icing.



I would pick coconut cake.

linda lansford

chocolate cake


Carrot cake!


Red velvet cake! :)


I liked your FB page.
Kayla Black

Breanne T.

Happy birthday! I think you should get a great strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting!

Breanne T.

I liked you on facebook.

Julie D.

I would request a cheesecake, yummy! I liked you on facebook. Thanks for sharing your great ideas.


♥Happy Birthday♥

For your cake... I would choose something chocolatey!! Definitely a very moist and rich chocolate cake with a hazelnut cream, topped with sweet strawberries! (Yes, I love food, and yes, this is my dream cake :P lol)

Something nice I did this week was something I did yesterday. My boyfriend didn't get into the company he interviewed with for a job. It was his first choice and he was really depressed, and in tears. I bought him dinner, cried with him at home, hugged and held him in my arms all night, and made him breakfast this morning♥

Just found your blog linked on "City of Dionne" and I'm so glad I found it because I love it!!


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