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October 22, 2010



What a cute hat, Pam!!! You may need to ask your friend if she is taking orders...cause I believe my niece may need one of those in a couple weeks when she finally graces the world with her presence!!! ;)

J from Paradise :)

Have I mentioned how precious your girls are?!? I could NEVER pull off the hat as good as they both did! I loveeeeeeee the hat tho!!! The cherry on top was an excellent addition! I will definately keep my eye out for my own now. Glad to see you girls had a good Friday. Enjoy the weekend. :)


That's adorable. I love it.


LOVE the cupcake hat! and of course miss j is as cute as a button in it! :)

Pamela Susan

Thanks, Amy!! I'll ask my friend!! :)

Pamela Susan

Didn't she do a great job with it?! She could definitely start up her own business. :)

Pamela Susan

Thanks, Shelby! You should make one. :)

Pamela Susan

Thank you Miss Libby!

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