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September 09, 2010



Oh so cute! I think you're making a great decision. We'll miss your jewelry, but family comes first. Good for you!


Those lipstick pictures are KILLING ME! Miss you, Pamela!


Hello! I feel so proud of your great decision. I am a big fan of you and will be all the time. Enjoy every moment with those beautiful girls. I'm sure this "break" will inspire your arts sometime later. Have a nice day!


Having just started a new job myself, I totally understand! My kiddos are off to preschool & kindergarten, respectively, 5 mornings a week and I am going to try try try to focus my new part-time position into those hours.

This week I have been unsuccessful, but I think we can work the kinks out. I look forward to seeing the products of your inspiration, and will look for your updates.

Good for you!


Great decision I have recently made the same decision to stay home with my daughter and give up dental hygiene, I love your jewlery and your blogs!


Go Pamela! Hard to argue with your decision once you all those adorable pictures of the girls (love all the suds in the bathtub!).

Great decision!! Love you!


I LOVE the pics of Little Lady #2 - her hair is darling, her lipstick is darling, her personality is darling... I'd take her any day.


Let me know when you open shop because I already have an order waiting for you. Enjoy this time with your girls!


i don't think clara could have picked a better lipstick color! those pictures are adorable...love how the color brings out those pretty blues! :)
i have always admired you for all you do with three busy girls, but i think taking a break is a healthy thing for you to do for yourself. enjoy every mintue with those sweet girls, because they do grow way to fast! xoxoxo

Sarah Millan

Hey Pamela, I can relate to this... I took it easy with my jewelry business this year and then totally closed my shop for the last few months and it's been really lovely. I'm sure you'll enjoy your break and with all your talents, the time off will surely bring lots of creative inspiration. I think your idea of opening the shop only a few days a month is GENIUS! You may be on to something there! I'm on the other end of things with my shop about to reopen for the fall and holidays and I feel rested and ready to go. That's the incredible thing about ETSY and having our own businesses, we are in control of when we work. A true blessing! Hugs and HAPPY FALL to your family...
:) Sarah Jane

Pamela Susan

Yay!!! Good for you! One of the thoughts I've had throughout this decision-making process has been about dental hygiene--I gave up being a dental hygienist so I could be a full time mom, so why replace it with making jewelry?

I am SO happy you enjoy the blog--thank you so much for your support!! xo

Mary B.

You will be blessed for your decision. As my 9 and 11 year olds keep getting older, I am amazed at where the time goes. When they were first born, it felt as if they would be in our home for a loooong time.:) I absolutely love being a mama. Now I realize how short our time is to love them, laugh with them, cry with them and train them in the way they should go. Savor each day!

Pamela Susan

Thank you, Mary! I am feeling very good about my decision... time flies by just too quick! Savoring it is my goal. :)

Pamela Susan

Thank you, Mary! I am feeling very good about my decision... time flies by just too quick! Savoring it is my goal. :)

Bri Adams

I absolutely love my necklace. Thank you so much for getting it in. Let me know when you open up again - I'd like to get one for Mom for Christmas with both girls names if there's time. :) We loved the headband as well. You re one talented lady! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love you!

Linnell Mikkelsen

Time flies on wings of lightening.
You cannot call it back.

Linnell Mikkelsen

Pamela Susan

Thank you everyone for your support!!! xoxo


I don't know how I happened upon your blog, however I wanted to compliment you. Your family is beautiful and your creativity astounds me. You are sooo right in focusing on your family above all else. You are also right,,,you should not burn the midnight oil. You will never lose your creativity or zest for life. God Bless You!
PS - Your felt Valentine cookies and sweet pea doll is really cute!

Pamela Susan

Thank you BJ! I appreciate your support and kind comments. :) I hope you try your hand at the felt Valentine cookies--they are a fun project!


I absolutely loved your page!

Pamela Susan

Thank you, Linnell :)

Amy Hockert Dowling

Pamela, this is why I love you! You follow your heart, come what may. Your girls are so blessed to have you as their mommy. The jewelry world can wait. And I have no doubt you'll turn it upside down when you're ready!

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