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December 07, 2009



This made me happy! Glad to hear that life is good. The girls look so sweet, and I have a serious soft spot for your dad. I love it that he doesn't smile in pictures! Hope you're not feeling too stressed about everything that's going on. And I'm getting pretty anxious about January 1st myself! Good luck and God bless.

Pamela Susan

I have a soft spot for him, too! :)

I'm not feeling too stressed out...but that is the main reason I closed my shop early this year. Last year it was crazy busy (which I was very grateful for!) but it took time away from some of the important things that I wanted to do during the month of December--I learned to control that this year! :)

Dionne C

The girls are getting cuter and cuter with every post. And wow - less than 4 weeks?!!!! Oh my gosh, where has all the time gone???!!!!

Pamela Susan

Thank you! Time really did fly by fast! I can't believe it!


I love Clara's peace sign!!! Actually it might be "age 2" since Naomi changed her sign to three fingers! :) Maybe Clara is really Japanese!! :)

Your girls are sooooooooo cute! :)

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