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November 06, 2009



Thank you for taking me on a little adventure! And, I'm so glad your grandmother is okay!


Wow! I just finished reading the article... that's so amazing... your grandmother most definitely had angels watching over her that day. She sounds cute too... I laughed at her quote that she's glad that peach season is over so she doesn't have to can anymore. Oh, and I love your new pottery and bee necklace :)


Great post! LOVE the honey pot and LOVE that cake plate. Can't wait to try that bran muffin recipe. xoxo


Oh my gosh! God soooo took care of your Grandma, and are the cinnamon rolls she is talking about the ones you posted about? :)

That honey pot is gorge, and I LOVE that cake stand SO MUCH!!!! I checked out her Etsy store, but it's empty :( . I hope she stocks up again soon!

And that bee necklace is the cutest thing! It's so adorable!!

Pamela Susan

Thank you, everyone!

Summer--I'm glad you enjoyed the adventure!! :)

Jodell--I laughed at the quote, too! She is the type of person that really would re-can them if there were still peaches on the tree!!

Ellen--so happy you liked the post!

Pamela Susan

Dionne--yes, God was definitely involved!

Her cinnamon roll recipe is slightly different than my Mom's but deeelicious!

Isn't that honey pot and cake plate so wonderful?? I love Heidi's work. Her Etsy site would have more work in it but she has a hard time keeping the local shops where she sells her work stocked!

I'm so happy you like the necklace...it was SO much fun to make.

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