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September 02, 2009


Dionne C

I love pickles sooo much! I am the friend that everyone gives their pickles to when they go out and i gobble them down in seconds. Yum!

And how cute - she is soooo growing up! What a cutie!


I love this, and am excited to try it! Your little one is so cute, I can definetely see some Ethington in her! Our first day for pre-school is next week I'll post some pictures! Hope you are well and love the blog!

lyndsey | paper girl

yummm i love pickles too! wish i could try some homemade ones -- you ship to utah? :)


Yum, pickles! We've got preschool starting this week as well!


I've been dying to learn how to pickle... are you going to post the recipe? I'd love it if you did! I think it would be so fun to do with the kids.

Hope the first day of school went well... can't believe school has started... Kate's first day was last week too!

Mary Ethington

we missed our pickles by being gone- darn! I guess you'll just have to give us some- haha! I would love to hang out! It seems like we always go too long in between seeing each other. Janey loves your girls and thinks the world of you, and I haven't even shown her your darling blog yet. Lets try to get together before all the holidays start. Hey, I'll have to plan a party for Brett's birthday! sounds like fun, huh? Hope to see you soon!

Heather Wolfley

Will you send me that recipe...I'll keep it in a safe place with all of your Mom's other treasured recipes...Please...

Pamela Susan

Oh my, did I ever get you this recipe?? :)

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