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August 06, 2009



My sewing machine is a very simple electric one from "Brother" company which is the major brand in Japan. I used to sew when my children were small. It was easy to handle small cloth. I'd like to see what you'll make for your daughters soon. Must be adorable and fabulous.

Heather C.

Hehe, I too have a Viking, but the story of her name is not as sweet as yours. The young women in 1st ward named her "Gratilda" the beast. It's a 1970's model that works great, but truly is a big fat beast :)

Megan Fogelson

Great photos of your machine! I have a Bernina 830, which is the same machine my mom recieved for graduation from high school in the 1970s. I had to wait almost a year for the local dealer to get a used machine in that model. Now I can call my mom with questions and she just sits down at her machine and walks me thought it. Have a great weekend!

Mary Ethington

how cute! even if I can't sew, I want one that looks like that!


And she's soooooooooo pretty!


I love the name Mable! I want to name my next girl Mable, but hubby says no way ;) Stellar machine! It must be a work horse!


I have a very simple machine that was my grandmothers, no bells and whistles but it gets the job done...its a Brother and very pink!

Pamela Susan

GRATILDA?! I love it!

Pamela Susan

Megan--that's so nice you and your mom have the same machine! Have you made anything lately?

Pamela Susan

Keep your eyes open at garage sales for one! :)

Pamela Susan

I love her. :) How have you been?

Pamela Susan

Your the second one to leave a comment about having a 'Brother'...I've never heard of that brand. And it's pink? How fun!

Pamela Susan

Hi there! :) I bet you made such cute clothing for your children. I tried to sew a dress for Avery last month and I had such a hard time with the pattern. I'm going to wait and try it again when my aunt can help me. :)


That is the COOLEST sewing machine ever! I love the color and the vintage-ness of it. Ha! I don't think that's a word.

I have a 2003 Husqavanna or something. I got in Manhattan Beach at a cute quilt shop. I love it--she works pretty good and so far I haven't needed any repairs on her yet :)

Sarah Stice

I love your sewing machine! My mom has a viking too- from the '70's and she loves hers. I went with an '05 "White" brand, which is a cheaper quality machine that JoAnne's used to sell, but I got one of their trustier models. I've never thought to name it! How fun, I'll have to do that!

I've had to take it in several times and each time, I learn that it was not the machine, but more me doing something- using the wrong kind of thread or threading it wrong, etc. Which is nice to know the machine hasn't been a problem, but a big sign that I might need a class or need my mom around to show me the ropes! I'm self taught and it shows!


Hi Pam! Love the old machines! Mine was purchased for $75.00 back in 1980 from Grandma Zenna. I have never owned any other sewing machine. It's a Singer and was made in 1949. Works like a charm but does need a few little replacements here and there. CONGRATS!!!

Aunt Juli

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