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June 01, 2009



Okay...what is the story regarding that acorn!!!!? I love it and I've only seen part of it! :)

Miss you! xoxo

Dionne C

This is breathtaking! It's like a fairy tale garden. I expect to see fairies fluttering about and little elves peeking out from thee bushes. And your mother's studio looks so cute! What a great place to grow up!


What a delightful garden. Thanks so much for sharing. It's so peaceful and relaxing, even in photos. I can't imagine how much more so in person!


Oh, i have fallen head over heels with this garden, so very beautiful, just how i love a garden to be with lots of wee areas & hidden things to come across, your mom & dad did a wonderful job.


It is so breathtaking! I was so much impressed with every pictures of the garden. And I now understand how you grow up in such a splendid atmosphere with your parents. You come from such an wonderful artists family. Thank you for sharing this.


Hi Pam!!!! My Swap Partner & new found friend!!! Your mother's garden is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment & I'm so glad that we've been paired. A wonderful friendship in the making. Have a delightful day! Love the blog!!!
Penelope {Princess}


This garden looks so peaceful! I love it!

Tracy Hutchins

Oh Pam..........what a wonderful post (not that every bit of your blog isn't wonderful). What a joy to see the garden and the studio. Thank you so much for posting this.

I must get a climbing hydreanga now :).


Can I pin this on Pinterest? The garden is stunning!

Pamela Susan

How sweet of you to ask! You absolutely can. :) And thanks so much for your kind compliment!

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