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April 02, 2009



Aw, this post makes me wish it were spring here! Only a few more weeks and Lane and I can enjoy all the flowers too!


Lovely! Your father's place and garden looks very much like my dream house, so pretty. And the quince is just beautiful, I've never seen it before, only eaten it... Over here everything is a mess and I can't wait for the time when we are all settled in the house.


thanks for sharing I love reading your blogs

Dionne C

That garden looks like something out of a story book! It's just darling!

And that is so cool about your family tree! I wish I had something like that. That's awesome to have such a beautiful piece to document your family history.


I didn't imagine your parents house like that. I imagined it more of a ranch house. It is beautiful. I hope to see it in person one day...I would love to explore his gardens as well. The quince is so cute. Kaitlynn would LOVE it.

Pamela Susan

Thank you, everyone!

Ashley--I can't wait until you are here!

Anna--you've tasted quince?! I'm going to have to try it... lol

Dionne--I just love the family history--didn't my friend do an AMAZING job!?

Rebekah--you'll have to come with me there sometime. :)

Tracy Hutchins

Hi Pam,

Your mother used to send me pictures of their gardens in early spring as a promise that spring would eventually reach Indiana. :) I get blue at the end of these long winters.

Those are the little things that I loved about your mom. I miss her so!

BTW, last week I was considering emailing you to see if you could email some spring photo's of your parents garden, and you posted this :). Isn't that something?

All my love and prayers,

(Mom's Indiana Friend) ;)

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