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March 28, 2009



I had so much fun with the kids, too. Kaitlynn checks the progress of her plants everyday. You asked who will be doing a garden...I will for sure be doing a garden! :)

Dionne C

Oh how fun! I remember potting away in my Grandmas Garden when I was little. She had a gorgeous Italian vegetable garden, with tomatoes, basil, radicchio, Italian parsley, the works. We would come over, and we'd all go out and pick the vegetables, and then bring it in and make a big Italian meal - and then all our Uncles and Aunts and cousins would come over and enjoy it with us.

Eventually I want to have a garden to share with my little kidlets.


Susan! Lovely post, lovely e-mail, thanks! Will get back to you tonight, have to pick up the kids now!


Weird! I just posted something similar...well, questioning what people are doing in the garden this year. We are planting a veggie garden and salsa is a must as a product, but I think you need to visit to teach me how to can! :)

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