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March 18, 2009


Dionne C

Congrats on the 400 sales! That's awesome!

Hmmm... a name for the earrings...


I always liked that name, but I can never call my daughter that, because Brian doesn't :)

Another girls name I love is Leyla. That's probably what we'll call our daughter instead.


I am so excited for your 400 sales!! A name that I like that the hubby vetoed every time is Caroline. I think it is so beautiful, it reminds me of a southern belle. Anyway, good luck naming these gorgeous earrings.


I love the earrings! They are beautiful, classy and sleek. :)

I have some ideas--Kaelyn, Killaine or Kaedyn. They are killer looking and need a name that starts with a "K."

If you aren't a fan of K names, I would also recommend Amelie (my great grandmother's name) or Phoebe (my great aunt's name). I also love the name Paige and Charlotte.

Hope that helps!



Congratulations on your 400th sale. I have to tell you I really like how simply and graceful these are. Even if I do not win the free pair I will need to order a pair.

My suggestion is Grace or a form of that word. Maybe it will be a reminder of what new piece you introduced after accomplishing a great milestone? Have fun decidind on the name!


Congrats on 400 sales!!

My name suggestion would be wish or melody. (They remind me of a wishbone and a tuning fork.)


Simply Silver

they are beautiful earrings.


As your husband, am I disqualified if I throw my hat in the ring? Just kidding

Shelby Callahan

Congrats on 400 sales! That is awesome! How about the name



Wow! 400! Okay...Twiggy.


Kandice Olcese

Congratulations! You are such an inspiration, from your blog with it's Breathtaking photography to your crafts and your beautiful jewelry! (I made the valentine's gum-ball machines with my son for his teachers and they LOVED them!)

Ok..for the "earrings" how about QuickSilver (or if there is a infringement, Silver Quick?) If you're going for names I've always liked Madalyn.

Megan Fogelson

I recommend naming this pair of earrings - Laurel. The earrings have an organic feel to them and make me think of the letter "L." With an L at the beginning and end of the name (Laurel)it seems to fit with your "pair" of earrings! Laurel is a feminine and beautiful name and is likely the name I will choose if I have another daughter ;-)

I loved your post on felt cookies and have been working on a christmas cookie set as a present for my daugher Clare. I am using a similar technique to make ginger bread cookies for the collection. Your project inspired me to learn both the blanket stitch and french knots!

Have a wonderful day!

Susan W.


These are beautiful - Two thoughts came to mind when thinking of a name for them: 1.) the wonderful romantic, feminine names you give your jewelry, and 2.) how they reminded me right away of the blades of ice skates.

So with that in mind, I thought of "Ekaterina," (as in Ekaterina Gordeeva) - Do you remember her? She was the beautiful Russian Olympic figure skater who skated pairs with her equally talented husband, Sergei. Very tragically, Sergei passed away far too young, and Ekaterina wrote a very touching book following his death to tell their love story, especially as a memoir for their daughter. They were nothing less than magical on the ice together.

I love your site! Thanks for all you do!

Sande Ely

Beautiful design. You usually use proper names but for some reason "Wind Beneath My Wings" popped into my head. You really have a flair with your designs and I am glad business is going well.


oooh ~ all really good ideas. There are some that I really like, but I am going to give you three new suggestions.

:: lichen (from your last post)
:: shelby
:: sadie

Congratulations on number 400!


For some reason, I also lean toward K.... and thus, I must suggest Kitty. It's my name, which I think is fitting because I absolutely LOVE those earrings! Also, it's simple, yet a lil funky... so I think it works :) Otherwise, perhaps Lilian, my grandmother's name.

Congrats on 400 sales! Wowza! :) Feel free to spread some of that sale-spirit my way :)


Wow, that's great you've had so many sales. You're an inspiration. The name that came to me while looking at these beautiful new earrings was AnnaBella - sweet and simple. I like the alliteration and it just seems fitting for these understated, beautiful earrings.


It might be because today is wet and rainy at my house, but the first thing I thought when I saw your earrings was streaks of rain falling from the sky, so what about Rayne or Rayna?

Congrats on 400 sales! That's so great. I was just surfing around and came across your blog and added you to my bookmarks :o)


Wishbone, would be my suggestion


I suggest Argent or Argentum (Latin word for silver)

Heather Shirley

beautiful Pam! I love these earrings!! I would suggest naming them "Illusion" because of the look that they give. I think that they are beautiful just like all of your work! Great job!

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