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February 18, 2009



Yummo! The best bread in the world! Did you ask Avery what yeast says? That's always good for a laugh!



Your wheat bread looks so heavenly... I only have a manual wheat grinder, so I'm going to get my 5 year old started on that RIGHT now ;) Thanks for sharing your recipe!

Pamela Susan

Ellen--yes, Avery said, "The beast says, PUH! PUH! PUH!" When I asked if she remembered who taught her that she told me Aunt Ellen did! :)

Jodell--get that girl a'crankin! :) A manual wheat grinder is on my list of things to buy...thanks for the reminder! I hope you enjoy it!

Dionne C

I have never made bread before, and this has definitely inspired me to give it a shot over the weekend. Thanks!

Avery is just darling. She is such a beautiful little girl!

Pamela Susan

Thank you, Dionne! She is so much fun. Let me know how the bread turns out!! :)

Amber Young Haider

Remember me? I grew up in Lakeridge Ward. Anyway, I use a kitchenaid for my bread too. Are you really able to fit this whole recipe in it? I feel like I can't add more than 6 or 7 cups of flour or so in mine.
I can't wait to try this recipe. I have been really needing a new one!

Dionne C

Hey Pamela - totally off topic, but have you ever had people mention to you having troubles commenting on your blog?

I keep forgetting to tell you, but almost every time I go to comment on any of your posts, the little word-detector thing is blank, so I can't type in what it says, because nothing shows up. I usually have to try at least 3 times over several days before I can actually comment. Has anyone mentioned this to you, or maybe it's my computer?


Oh, thank you for this recipe! :) Wonderful!

Pamela Susan

Hey Dionne-no, I haven't heard that before! But I have experienced it on other blogs...how annoying! I wonder if it has something to do with Typepad and Blogger...they are not the most compatible sites. Ugh!

Amber--Yes, I remember you! Perhaps you have a smaller Kitchenaid than mine--the one I use is a 5 qt bowl. Maybe you should try decreasing the recipe? I hope that is helpful! :)


Your recipe sounds delicious and I can imagine it was by looking at the photos! I've recently been trying to find new ways to save money and eat healthier (knowing what's in the food we eat) and making homemade bread is one of things I've been testing. I'm going to use your recipe on my next batch of bread! Thanks for sharing!

Dionne C

Did you know that you were Paper N Stitch's Shop of the Day yesterday?

Beth Perry

Hey sweetie! I am so glad you jumped over to visit. Thank you for your kind words. I am just ready to get these suckers cut out! lol
Those are the most adorable pics and I love that hair clip...as in, I want one..haha (am I too old?) lol
Hope you have a wonderful day! ;P


Hey Pam!!! You probably don't remember us, but we remember your family. We would go over to your moms studio and just make stuff! I still have bowls she made me! So wonderful to see you're carrying on in her footsteps!! She is one of my heroes!!!!

Nicole Marie

I'm using your recipe to bake bread right now!! crossing my fingers I don't completely ruin it!


I just made this bread with out the gluten, I was very worried that without this ingredient my milk, yeast and honey concoqtion would be helpless but let me assure you this is the best whole wheat bread ever, definitely a new induction to the family recipe book thank you grandma !!!

Rondi McGill

Two years ago, I was wanting to try my hand at making whole wheat bread. The recipes I had tried and the whole wheat bread I had eaten was always so heavy and didn't taste good. I got online and found this recipe. Thank you for sharing this. I love the bread! Can this recipe be used for dinner rolls? Have you ever decreased the recipe? If so, will you share how to do that?

Pamela Susan

Rondi, I'm so happy you like the recipe! I have made dinner rolls with it, but haven't decreased the recipe... maybe just try 1/2ing it? Thanks so much for stopping by!!

Pamela Susan

YAY!!! So happy it was a success! :)

Pamela Susan

I hope it turned out great, even though you tried it over 3 years ago!! :) (((blushing over such a delayed response from me!)))

Pamela Susan

as if I wouldn't remember you and your amazing family... impossible!! :) xoxo


hi my name is casey and im looking at different recipes on ideas to open a bakery someday, you seem know what your talking about on baking breads and whatnot, i'd like to pick your brain and learn. my email iscaseyturner26@gmail.com, i hope you get this soon. i'd love to chat with you. and BTW im gay so im not some creepy dude trying to hit on you lol
Casey :)

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