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September 14, 2012


karen davis

how wonderfully fun! :)


Hi Pamela! I'm doing the journal project too and having a blast! I'd love for you to come over and see my pages. I do a Journal Tuesday feature each week so be sure to stop by, and I'd love it if you would follow me!


Hi, Pamela! I saw your link on Lil Blue Boo. The prompts are great, aren't they? (Also I LOVE that beautiful piece of crochet in the background of your photos. Did you make it yourself?) Have a great week!


I'm having fun with this project too. :) It was awesome to have an excuse to get some new pretty pens.

Pamela Susan

It was fun visiting each of your sites! Love your journals! :)

Pamela Susan

Hello Janice! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm finding so much fulfillment from this project. Yes, excellent prompts! :) I found that doily at a thrift store in Washington... at the time I didn't really want to spend the $5 they were asking, but so glad I did! :)

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