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April 24, 2012


Jenn Davenport

I'm insanely jealous!!! AWWW!!! I can't wait to see what you do with it! When can I come visit??


i like the color of the wood to be honest! if you really want to paint i would maybe go cream over sage. love the idea of knobs from anthro! xo


Oooh... I think you should use a color of some sort. I would add a little aqua to the seafoam and do that. But of course, I love aqua.

Pamela Susan

tomorrow! i'm totally free. :) which, btw, i need to give you my new #! i'll txt ya.

Pamela Susan

great idea! :) i want it to be nice and light, but with a calm punch of color. :)

Pamela Susan

cream would be pretty with colorful knobs, wouldn't it?


How about periwinkle blue? Soothing, could be in a lighter shade and looks good with aqua, pink, or whatever else is in the room.


Yes! Seafoam is a great idea! Or a robin's egg blue that's a bit teal-y. Some of my favorite colors!

Pamela Susan

oooh, great idea! :)

Pamela Susan

a nice light shade of periwinkle blue would be very pretty! i think i'm going to go to lowe's today and take a look at the different examples and see what pops out at me. :)


my first thought was creamy yellow. but sea foam would be so pretty too.


It's even better than you described it! I love, love it :-)

Tracey Freeman

What a great find!!!!

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