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February 27, 2012



Very cute! Those gnomes look just like the gnomes from "David the Gnome" a tv show I use to watch when I was little. Loved it! Still remember the song at the beginning.


Great paint job! You finished them exactly how I imagined them! :)


Aw, so cute! Those gnomes are simply wonderful! And awww, those wee cupcakes with that skunk!

Alyson Caten

Kelsi LOVES her cute felt heart. The details are so pretty on it. Grandma made the skirt with the material you sent. She looked adorable on her birthday, and we are still going to have her a little party when she gets better! Thank you so much for your prayers! And I will get you a picture soon. :)

Pamela Susan

You are so sweet to leave a comment! You're an amazing sister, Alyson. Kelsi is blessed to have you. I wish I could come out and see all of you! I love you~

Pamela Susan

Thanks, Amber! We promise to take good care of Mr. Skunk. :)

Pamela Susan

Well, you did an amazing job drawing them!

Pamela Susan

ha ha!! I totally remember that show! I wonder if I can find it on youtube... hmmmmm. I'm off to go look! :)


CUTE! Looks like David the Gnome!

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