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October 07, 2011



Apple cider donuts? Roth's grocery stores! Actually, I haven't been off the farm to check in almost 10 days, but they usually have both apple cider and pumpkin spice through the fall and winter. I bet yours, made with love and hot from the pan, are FAAAAAARRRRR superior though! I'd follow suit, but we're still trying to absorb a huge pear crisp I made with the last of the fresh Bartlet's from our tree.

Enjoy your cider-making! Such good memories for Grandpa and the girls. :)


There's a pumpkin patch in Tualatin (5 minutes from our house) that makes the most SCRUMPTIOUS scratch apple cider doughnuts. :) I think you need to visit this weekend . . .

Pamela Susan

Really?! I do need to visit! The doughnuts I made tonight kinda sucked so I need to treat my taste buds to the real thing. I would also love to see you... it's been way too long! I'll see what I can do. :)


I think I've seen organic vegetable shortening in natural food stores...sounds better than Crisco, doesn't it? :) I can almost smell those doughnuts...especially fresh warm ones!


Hi! I'm always enjoying your posts with beautiful photos. Yes, once you get into photoshop, you'll need more than 24 hours a day. Watch out. Always, Mikari

Pamela Susan

thanks! i'll have to find some! def. not a fan of crisco. :/

Pamela Susan

Thanks so much, Mikari! I hope you're doing well. Someday when I travel to Japan with my friend Yumi I want to meet you. :)

Pamela Susan

i'll have to try some! wish my doughnuts had turned out better. i think i need to give it another shot. pear crisp... yummy!

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