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October 02, 2011


Julie V

Love all of it, including the details on the cards. I love your idea for a forget-me-not necklace!


Very very beautiful the new flower earrings, i love it!!! :)
Sorry for my english!!!

Ciao an italian girl :)

Pamela Susan

thank you, Annarita!! i love that you're commenting on my blog all the way from Italy!! so very cool! :)

Pamela Susan

thanks, Julie!!

Bridget Rossi

Awww... Those earrings are lovely, Pamela! What were your inspiration for these pieces? The packaging is just so pretty! I love them all!

Paige Low

I was left at awe by the creative idea of your jewelry display, Pamela. It just proves that jewelry are not just elegant and for adding more personality to our outfits, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetics of our house too. :)

Jeffry Pullam

The turquoise pair of earrings looks like real jade stone carved with precision. And you are right Paige, these sorts of accessories can also serve as ornaments in our homes. My friend actually put some bling inside his car using some old, polished silver rings, then hung those on his rear view mirror!

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