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May 23, 2011


Amy Schumaker

Oh I love the new clothes!!! That shirt is pretty cool too. I too like the sleeves pushed up. When the sleeves are down I went straight to the thought of Anne of Green Gables!! Look for a Victorian period style long skirt, a pair of lace up ankle boots, wear your hair up in a tight bun and wham...you have halloween all set to go (that is if you like to dress up for halloween)!
The new sweater is super cute, too!!

Pamela Susan

Thanks Amy!! And Anne of Green Gables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are SOOO right! I was trying to put a finger on what the sleeves reminded me of and you nailed it on the head! And I like your Halloween idea... I'm going to do it! :)


Okay, that cream top is GORGEOUS!!! I definitely prefer it with the sleeves up. Is there a way you can just remove them? I would save them maybe for a project or if you ever felt like reattaching them for a costume or something. It's way prettier and more simple that way :) And the skirt looks great too! I can't tell, is it wool?

Thanks for posting!!! I can't wait to see the other items :)


Carrie Meitzler

I just passed that top's twin at the mall this week and my teen was dying for it. Waaaayyy too expensive and she liked the sleeves.

Kelli Messinio

I too, love the clothes. I need to find a thrift store like that! You look beautiful Pam. I miss you!

Pamela Susan

Thanks Erin! I can't wait to see YOUR thrifted outfits. The tag on the skirt is so faded I can't see what material it is, but I'm going to guess it's a spandex/polyester blend. It's nice and thick. :)

Pamela Susan

No way!! How much was it??

Pamela Susan

Awww, thank you Kelli! It is definitely a fun thrift store. It's totally hit or miss but I've hit it more times than missed! I miss you, too. When will you be back to Oregon?? xoxo


Great find,i love your outfit,that shirt is so pretty!
I love thrift stores too,we are lucky and have many in our city.A few years ago they had fill your shopping cart for $30.I went in on one with a friend and it was so much fun. I think we both got enough clothes to wear something new for at least a month:)

Becky Green

What is this "Halloween Outfit" stuff???? Are you kidding me???? I LOVE your blouse EITHER WAY!!!! What about, just being different from everyone else???? Your outfit is LOVELY!!!!!!!! :)( EITHER WAY!!!!)


I think I'm in the minority, because I am totally digging the sleeves down. But then I have this fetish with anything that even hints at Victorian I suppose.

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