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October 30, 2010


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Mandy C

Love these shoes! Absolutely adorable.


SOOOO cute! I am definitely going to make those shoes. What I wanna know is where do you find the time????


Thank you, Mandy!! :)


Thanks, Carrie! You are going to love making them! I want to find a pattern one size bigger than these since they are perfectly snug on J right now. What size do you think your little girlie needs? :)

blair @ wild & precious

such beautiful fabrics! i'm in LOVE with those cute little shoes. will have to learn to make those when i have kiddos!


Love the shoes! So pretty. Great job.

J from Paradise

i love love LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE the little sheepy! i want one now! hahahaha. I took a little one trick or treating. He was a cute glow in the dark skeleton. had a blast. Best part was i got to take him & his candy home and leave them there afterwards. hahahaha :) have a great week.

Hypnotherapy London

Beautiful! What fantastic fabric. Love that the shoes have patterns on the soles. Swwwweeeetttt!


i love the shoes ive made them a couple of times but the toe is always misshaped a little.. yours are so cute!!!!

Pamela Susan

Thanks so much! I'm so happy you've made some! :)

Pamela Susan

Thanks so much! :)


Nicely done! They turned out beautifully! :)

Pamela Susan

Joanna! Thanks so much for sharing such a wonderful pattern with the world! :)

Angie Patterson

I could not wait to make some of these tiny shoes for my granddaughter. Went to the link to download the pattern and all I get is a message that the url can't be found. Do you know of another site or way to download this pattern and tutorial? Please help. Angie P.

Pamela Susan

Darnit! I suggest you contact the blog owner of the pattern (her email is joanna@greatturtle.com) and ask her--I hope that is helpful! :)


The pattern for the slippers is no longer available. :( If possible could you please share it as I would like to make a pair for my new grand baby. Thank you! Jeanmarie

Pamela Susan

Hello Jeanmarie! So sorry, but I no longer have the pattern--have you tried emailing the owner of the pattern? Her email is joanna@greatturtle.com

Thanks for visiting the blog!



I would extremely appreciate it if you would share the tutorial with me if possible. I am a few years late and the tutorials no longer on the website

Thank you very much!!


I found the link to pattern!


Pamela Susan

It was found by one of my readers!! :) http://www.greatturtle.com/stardustshoes/clothshoe.pdf

Pamela Susan

Hi Angie! One of my readers just found the pattern!:) http://www.greatturtle.com/stardustshoes/clothshoe.pdf

Pamela Susan

You rock!!! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Pamela Susan

Hi Jeanmarie! One of my readers found the link! :) http://www.greatturtle.com/stardustshoes/clothshoe.pdf

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