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October 12, 2009



And how exactly did you photograph yourself knitting those booties?

Pamela Susan

he he...let's just say i'm learning to be quite the multi-tasker. lol

Dionne C

Oh my goodness! These are all so lovely.

I love the sound of clicking knitting needles too, it reminds me of little rain drops.

You do such gorgeous work!


What darling onesies! Almost makes me want to have a babby right now. :-)


you are always full of great ideas...I wish I had the time


Those little booties are the cutest! I love the idea of a "onesie party"... adding it to my long list of things to do before baby arrives ;)

Jonah Hill

Love it! Your work is absolutely stunning to start with. It is the work that I would normally expect from a wonderful blog like yours. Also I just bumped into this site the other day that I thought you guys might want to see. Here it is: https://www.kigu.me

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