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August 18, 2009



Ok, I'm a total cake snob, so believe me when I say that your cake is beautiful! Seriously, those are some perfectly crisp buttercream edges! Is there anything you can't do? Great work!

Dionne C

Oh this is stunning! I have never made a wedding cake before, just decorated one that my mum made, but I would love to have a stab at making the whole thing! I love this, it's so simple and pretty.


This was a beautiful cake! I love seeing the pictures again. Oh, and smitten kitchen is THE place to go for killer recipes! :)


It's always nice to come here and see the beautiful way of your living. Wow, how awesome! And be sure to go to bed before midnight! (like an oldwoman)Take care!


Wow! You are quite the renaissance man (woman)! So many talents, I'm impressed. And quite hungry after oogling your pretty cake.

I've canned! Gooseberrys! Will blog and brag about them shortly, only for you.


Mary Ethington

Pam you are darling, if not a little corny :) I loved it actually. I could really hear you saying that I think. The cake looks beautiful, and some day I am going to try that frosting! I want you to also know who wonderful you are. Janey can't say enough nice things about you. You sure have left a good impression on her. She loves you and your girls and is already planning when she is old enough to babysit for you. Maybe you guys should move closer :) Love ya!

Pamela Susan

Thank you Jodell! You are too sweet. :)

Pamela Susan

Thank you to all of you! I hope you're able to try out the recipe. :)

wedding cake

For a first wedding cake you did an amazing job and your brother and his wife proud! You should get into that to make a little extra cash on the side!


It's beautiful, Pamela. I love the simplicity...you know I do. :)

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