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August 20, 2009


Dionne C

Oh that bread looks insanely good! I have friends from Australia here, so I can't let them see this, or they will want some, hahahaha. But it's ok, they're still asleep!

The girls are so cute - how cool that you caught them reading, hehehehe.

And look at your cute little belly! You look great!

Pamela Susan

Dionne--I just love your comments! Thank you for being such a faithful reader. If you are ever in the Portland, OR area you must let me know...it would be so fun to get together and meet each other in person! xoxo


What a great update, Pam! Such great pictures. Your girls are darling and I'm with you on the books thing. I love to see my kids reading and then later acting out a scene or even just repeating phrases from their favorite books. Hooray for reaching the half way point in your pregnancy and looking so good, too! Are you sure this is your 3rd baby? :)


yum. i have blueberries in my freezer and zucchini on my counter--i'm totally going to make some of this. thanks for the recipe. you take great pictures.


Um, first...a big yummmmmmmm to all of the above food deliciousness. And how cute are your girls. SO cute.


Oh I love this post... first of all... wow. that bread. I'm definitely bookmarking that one. I think my kids would love it. And how cute are your two girls? I love catching them in moments like that - being such sweet kiddos. It makes my heart melt when I see my two like that!

Pamela Susan

Thanks, Risa!! How are the kiddos?? xoxo

Pamela Susan

Thanks, Krisitine! How did the bread turn out?


As often happens, I'm even hungrier now than I was before visiting your lovely blog! Those tomatoes! Yum. And the girls look as precious as ever. A good book really is a treat. We've always read a lot to the kids and I really think it makes a difference. That and having dinner together!

The bump looks lovely. And you look great!



It certainly looks like you're having a wonderful summer! Yay! I can't wait for your visit. :)


Pamela-susan - i haven't stopped by for ages, and just spent happy times catching up with your happenings. lovely as always. your girls are such sweeties, and i agree with you re tv & books. so much more imagination involved where books are concerned. i can hardly believe you are half way through your pregnancy already, you're looking fine and dandy. have a fab weekend *ruthie*

Pamela Susan

Hi Ruthie!! I'm so happy you took the time to write such a nice comment...welcome back! It's great to hear from you. :)

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