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May 14, 2009


Dionne C

Skin Cancer is one of the most "publicized" cancers in Australia. The government spent a lot of money on advertising campaigns to build up awareness on it. Growing up, I heard more about skin cancer than breast cancer and lung cancer combined.

I am so sorry to hear that your Mum was taken by this awful cancer. It spreads so fast!
I have had two moles removed in the past. They weren't nasty looking, but they removed it anyway, because they were in areas that were more exposed to the sun, so better safe than sorry, right?

Thanks for this post. It really is a wakeup call, it's great that you've shared this with us.


I am going to have to check with my dad to see if they used one of those special devices on him, I don't know if your dad told you, but my dad had a malignant melanoma spot removed last year and it hit home pretty hard of course because of your mom and dad being such close friends of my parents. We miss your mom dearly and I am grateful that you take the time to post about such important things such as this! Thanks Pam!

Pamela Susan

Dionne--I'm so happy you are on top of this. I have heard that melanoma has been on the rise in Australia for sometime now, and I'm glad they are taking the proper steps to educate people!!

Heather--I did not hear your Dad had a melanoma removed...how scary!! I'm SO happy he went in and had it removed...give him and your Mom my love next time you see them!



Thank you for sharing such a delicate issue with us in your blog. This time I read your post very carefully with my dictionary by my side because I wanted to learn what you kindly told us without any of my careless misunderstandings.
I think there are many people around me who pay little attention on a melanoma. I read through all the sites you linked. Those are so informative. Thank you for educating me.
I was shocked to learn that your mother has left you so early. I am the same age of your mother. The reality is sometimes too hard on us. My thought is really with you tonight and let me pray for you and your mother. Thanks again for giving us an alert.


Thank you Pamela for sharing this, such an important subject! i am a fair skinned redhead with lots of freckles etc, and i try to keep on top of all the little changes - to visit a dermatologist never even crossed my mind! thank you! so sad to hear your story. sending you hugs across the ocean x

Lauri Hersh

It's sad to see that wrong decisions could mean the life of a person. It's a good thing that your cousin made it in time. And your dermatologist seems like a real nice guy.

kirkland dermatology 

Thank you Pamela for sharing this, such an important subject! i am a fair skinned redhead with plenty of freckles etc, & i try to keep on top of all the tiny changes - to visit a dermatologist seldom even crossed my mind! thank you! so mournful to listen to your story. sending you hugs across the ocean x

Tobi Fistcher

Thanks for sharing your story and reminding us to have our moles checked by the dermatologist. From now on, I'm going to take better care of my skin, especially when I've been exposed to the sun for a long time.

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