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May 27, 2009


Dionne C

Awwwwwww - her first fish! How exciting! And that dress is just darling!

Man, that garden is amazing! All your family sound like quite the Green Thumbs!


Now I know what is Memorial Day in your country. It's really important to know how people of the nation in the past served for our present development. And I'm so excited to see how you've enjoyed the holiday at your parents' house. Being full of the nature must be really something. And the cute little princesses. Happy family!


What a wonderful, blissful weekend you had! Those pics of the girls on the horse are priceless. I showed them to Clementine and she went nuts (she asks everyday were Clara and Avery are. And every time she washes her hands, she holds up the bar of soap and says, "Avery made this for me.") Too cute!

Dionne C

Hey Pamela, just stopping in to let you know the Swap Partners are up!

E. Lindsey Hornkohl

Oh, my heart just beats a little bit harder at the sight of horseback riding, fishing, planting a veggie garden, eating fresh strawberries, and that lovely back yard...not to mention special moments with grandparents. What a blessing it is that you get to instill these memories with your little ones. I hold onto mine so tightly. And I miss the simple life. My husband is such a city guy.

Oh, and I got my degree in Psychology, since you asked. I teach art though. I had originally wanted to be an Art Therapist, but art teacher suits me much better. Thanks for asking.

And thanks for taking me back to my childhood today.

Beth Perry

Hi sweetie!!! I have been doing awesome! I through my cousin/best friend a little lingerie party (she is getting married next month) at our fave winery yesterday. It was a hit. we had such a blast. In fact, I think I will post pics here in a bit! lol
I love that inspire necklace below...but I REALLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE the Ellen necklace!! OMG, that is soooo beautiful!!!
The Memorial day pics are awesome. Looks like you guys had fun and it looks like your parents have an amazingly beautiful place!
I hope you have been well? Talk to you soon! :D

Augusta Dermatology

Clara and Avery is so cute and sweet. Lucky you have them. :)

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