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April 14, 2009


Dionne C

Awww, how pretty she was. You two definitely look like mother and daughter. It sounds like you and I were both blessed with awesome mothers who taught us life lessons that we will never forget. Yay for great mums!


What a sweet post. She sounds like she was a fabulous woman. =D


I just came from Dionne's blog. What a nice story and I was so much touched by your special respect to your mother. She is a happiest mother and is surely proud of you. Thanks for a nice story.


I think you must have learned a lot from her...I think you are a wonderful person as well. If you are any indication of what she was, she must have been great.


She did a lot in a short amount of time...as you are wise beyond your age. Thank you for this Pamela, and for being part of my life.


Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Just from reading past posts, I can tell she was a beautiful woman inside and out. It's no wonder that you turned out to be such an amazing woman too :)



You look so much like her! Thanks for sharing, beautiful words and pictures. She seems so strong and happy. A great mother.

Tracy Hutchins

I thought of your mom on her birthday ~ and thought about how lucky this world is, that she was born 53 years ago. She has left such a powerful impression on everyone who knew her.

You are living legacies of how amazing she was. I have never even met you but I can see her in you :). You are just as beautiful and wonderful.

Pamela Susan

Thank you to everyone, for such kind words. :)

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