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March 11, 2009



Sign me up!! When I was in elementary school and it got close the St. Patties day our teachers would leave painted green footprints all over the place. On desks, on walls, across the floor, in the bathrooms. All of the kids would go crazy trying to find the sneaky little guys. To our dismay they always escaped.


Hmmm...I honestly don't know if I ever had, but they seem like they would be fun if they were real! I love Rebekah's idea for kids...how fun!

Pamela Susan

Summer--I know! Isn't that a great idea?! I think I'm going to do that for the girls. Maybe I'll buy some gold covered chocolate for them to find. :)


I did....i can still remember them coming in and messing up our classroom as a kid and leaving foot prints everywhere. I don't remember when I stopped believing.

=) melanie
melanieadey at hotmail dot com


I am not sure I believed in them, but I LOVED the old Disney movie "Darby O'Gill and the Little People." My sisters and I watched that all the time, thinking 20 year old Sean Connery was sooo hot.

By the way, the earring are absolutely beautiful. That shade of green is my all time favorite. Nice job! :)

Beth Perry

How cool are those earrings?!! Suh-weet! I have an addiction to jewelry...an addiction, I tell ya! hahah I love to read, too. But, I have to admit, if I won.. I would probably scrap that bookmark! lol
It is too cute not to scrap and take pics of. hehe
Hope you are having a fun, creative week! ;P


I believe. I would blame everything on them. What a great give away.

Susan W.

So pretty! Thanks so much for the contest!

I also looked for Leprechauns with the pot of gold at the end of rainbows, so yes! I was a believer! :) I also believed that they all looked exactly like Lucky on the Lucky Charms cereal box!

I wish my school did something like Rebekah's, but for us, St. Patrick's day was all about wearing green so you didn't get pinched. Not as nice by a long shot!

holly nebeker

What with being the youngest child of 5, and the closest sibling to my age was 4 years older AND the opposite gender, I spent a lot of time alone. Therefore I had a rather wild imagination. I can remember searching the garden, the field and forest after a good Oregon rain, next to our house for Leprechauns and their equally reclusive pots of gold. Oh jolly fun!

Heather Wolfley


St. paddys is fun with the kids...every year I buy those gold chocolate coins...and drop the coins from there room outside and tell them that the leppercon must had a hole in his pocket...them I play some sorta trick on them....I hear about it every year...how the leppercon put Gracie'e school clothes in the fridge and painted her eggs green! Such a fun holiday for the kids..I look at your blog...all the time...Stalker.....you and your whole family have such a talent, even those boys!!! I wish I had the ideas and some kinda talent..any! Pretty neat. Keep up the good work..I will keep checking in with you. Your family is very cute...

Love Heather

karen richardson

i would love those earings:D not sure if i have ever believed in leperchauns. they're kinda creepy i think.

Katie Cherry

cute bookmark and wonderful earrings. I always looked for the leprechaun and pot of gold but much to my dismay have never found the end of a rainbow yet!

Mariah Ballard

I'm not sure if I ever really believed in them but for some reason I thought that maybe there would be a pot of gold on one end of a rainbow...
Cute earings and bookmark! :)


It's late, but real quick -I wasn't real into leprechauns, but always wore and still wear green on the holiday(so the earrings would def work!)and my mom would pack my lunch all green! Food dye in the bread of my sandwich and everything. Then last year, my son made a leprechaun trap for school and actually caught one! So I guess we can keep the belief going...!


I never got into the leprechaun bit. Funny tidbit though: when my daughter was in second grade, her teacher gave them a writing prompt: "If I had a pot of gold, I would . . ." Her answer was " . . .draw a rainbow, glue the end of it to the pot of gold, and tape it to the wall!"

Cheryl Vandervort

This is such a fun giveaway! I believed in Leprechauns until I was about 7 or 8. Everyday after school I would spend time with my friends playing in the open field surrounding the school, searching carefully for four leaf clovers among the millions of 3 leaf clovers. It was a neat game to play while we waited for our parents. We all thought the person who found the four leaf clover would be visited by a leprechaun and have good luck for a year. I'd love to win these earrings and bookmark, they are so simple, yet elegant. Green is my favorite color too! :)


Yes! When I was 5 or 6 years old, I also looked for leprechauns whenever I saw a rainbow in the sky and tried to find the pot of gold!


I never was a believer, but that could be that no one ever told me they were "real" I always thought of it all as just fun made up things like finding the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or wishing upon a falling star. Both fun to think about and I always wished upon that star. I do enjoy tales about Leprechauns. Thanks for your generosity and holding the drawing. The earrings are adorable and I could put the bookmark to very good use. Jody


I definitely used to believe in Leprechauns when I was little. I would try to chase the end of a rainbow to find a little man in a green suit and hat guarding his pot of gold. Every St. Patty's day, my mom would "fib" to me and tell me that a Leprechaun was out in the backyard playing on my swing set. But every time I ran to the back window to look, he was already gone :(


When i was a small kiddo, i did! I even believed in santa claus, fairies and all that jazz! Wished they were real... :)

Dionne C

Did I not enter? I could have sworn that I did, but I don't see my comment on here! Oh no!

If I did, then just ignore this.

I didn't ever believe in them, because I didn't even know they existed until I was in highschool (the town I grew up in didn't make a big thing for St. Patrick's Day), but then when we moved, the next place we moved to celebrated it big time, but then I was too old to believe :(

And the earrings are lovely, and I am NUTS about the bookmark!


I just found your website and love your stuff! The green earring are so cute. As a child I did look for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and thought that a Leprechaun was standing guard.

Thanks for the give away!

Rosalyn Hamilton

As a child I'd look for them among the Azalea Bushes around my Granny's house. One time I really thought they were under her house which sat on blocks. thanks and really looove the ear rings. rozzi

Jennifer Pellicone

Of course I do, being a bit of Irish myself it's just natural!

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